Veteran airshow pilot and performer John Mrazek along with his Harvard Mark IV, “Pussycat II,” will dazzle audiences, spectators, or anyone watching with a spectacular aerial ballet.  With lots of noise, smoke, and skill, John’s aerobatic performance will bring the entire airshow crowd to a standstill.

For a beautiful aerobatic and formation display, John is joined by his son Richard, flying a Yakovlev 18T.

Both John and Richard are well known aerobatic airshow performers with unrestricted surface level waivers. When John is not flying airshows, he is instructing in the art of aerobatics, formation flying, float flying, and acts as an ICAS approved Airshow Certificate Evaluator. Richard works in flight operations for a large aerospace company.

As incredible as their airborne performances are, John and Richard realize that their effort on the ground is just as critical to the success of the show. Before and after each performance, you can find both signing autographs, taking pictures, and conversing with the fans to give even the biggest of events a personal touch that leaves the fans with an experience unmatched by any other professional sporting or entertainment event.

Need An ” ACE ” To Renew Or Issue A Low Level Waiver – John Is One